Jack Geier

With a passion for positive impact projects and community creation Jack has managed and delivered hospitality and/or real estate mixed-use projects in the US, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Jack has led the construction and redevelopment for over twenty hotels, large organic farms, restaurants, co-working office space, renewable and non-renewable power plants, utility infrastructures, a fully organic golf course, and mixed-use village communities. In his personal time, Jack is a sailor, private pilot, and Ironman distance triathlete.


Jackie Quiroz
Lead Architect

Jackie is from Colombia and has served as an architect for hotels, apartments, and office buildings throughout Latin America. Jackie excels in design and managing teams, always creating or coordinating designs that meet the client’s requirements while ensuring full visibility through concept to completion. Jackie is also an avid cyclist.


Makaley Hathaway Project Coordinator

Makaley is responsible for the coordination of all CJI projects. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Tourism from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. He also holds a CompTIA Project Management certificate. Makaley grew up in Colorado where he gained a passion for the outdoors. He is an avid hiker, skier, and scuba diver and enjoys playing and watching the beautiful game of soccer whenever he can.


Tara Brandy
Executive Assistant

Born in the twin-island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Tara is experienced working in both the Construction and Hospitality industries. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantity Surveying and an Associate degree in Architecture. Her passion for design, building, and the environment has allowed her to be a part of projects throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, with a focus on sustainable development and positive community impact.


Nayib Hamdan Hospitality Lead

With an extensive background in hospitality and sustainable tourism, Nayib has worked on a number of hotels, real estate properties and other hospitality projects. Nayib holds a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management and is obtaining his Master's in Sustainable Tourism. Nayib is passionate about integrating sustainability into everything he does. Nayib is from Mexico City and has a passion for animals, plants, and art, Nayib integrates his passions into his work and is excited about a sustainable tomorrow.


Project Teams




Raul Cervantes

Project Manager

Raul is the Project Manager for the Alegría project in San Mateo, Costa Rica. Raul is an experienced Project Manager who has worked throughout Latin America. Raul has worked with Selina to build properties in Cancun, Playa Maderas, Antigua, Cartagena, and various other locations. Raul works on projects that are both sustainable and ethical for the community in which they reside. Raul enjoys exploring the world and learning about different cultures (especially futbol cultures).


Carlina Umaña


Carlina is a Costa Rican native and is the Bookkeeper for the Alegría project. Carlina has a degree in Business Administration and is currently working towards an additional degree in Accounting. She also has certifications in Microsoft Office Programs and has lots of experience working in the legal services and hospitality industries. Carlina enjoys working out and meditating in her off time.


Federico Salas
Site Architect

Costa Rica born architect, Federico is passionate about architecture, public space, communities, music, art and a designer and creator of things: from origami and furniture to a mean hot sauce with Alegria grown hot peppers. He has collaborated with several institutions and organizations with urban mobility issues and community projects and has ample experience in designing and drafting architectural projects in a wide range of both purposes and scales.


Daniel Escalante

Farm Manager

Daniel Escalante is the Garden Manager for the Alegria Project in San Mateo, Costa Rica. Daniel has obtained a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management with an emphasis in Sports and Nature Based Tourism and Resort Management. From his education he has gone into Sustainable Management where he has experience at a variety of hotels and communities. Much of Daniel’s gardening practices come from a permaculture philosophy where he created gardens to be sustainable while also benefiting a community’s health using organic and nutritious plants. When Daniel isn’t busy planting gardens, he is usually bodyboarding, snorkeling or fishing.