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Common Building - Alegria Village

The Common Building at Alegria Village was designed by CJI architect Jackie Quiroz. The Common Building is a focal point for residents of Alegria Village to come together to eat, play, party, and much more. The building has a communal kitchen, a beautiful pool and a hot tub overlooking the mountains of San Mateo, as well as lots of space to lounge about and enjoy the Pura Vida life.

The design concept for the Common Building was inspired by a bee hive. A bee hive is hexagonally shaped in order to allow for the optimal amount of surface area for a bee to cultivate honey. The Common Building brings residents, similar to bees, into a community where they are a collective. They make joint decisions, operate as a team, and have a creative ability to solve vital matters.

The design of the Common Building unites unique and beautiful architecture with a vibrant and flourishing community.


Yoga Building - Alegria Village

The yoga building sits atop a 20 foot shear rock wall overlooking the mountains of San Mateo, Costa Rica. The building has an open concept that allows one to feel part of the Costa Rica natural habitat, while also providing shelter from the strong Costa Rican rains. The building utilizes much of the materials that are found on the land, including palma and guanacaste.


Verde House, Prototype A - Playa Maderas, NICARAGUA

The homes in Verde, Nicaragua have a unique design that allows residents to interact with nature out in their kitchen or on the upstairs patio.


Dome - Alegria Village

The Dome in Alegria Village, will be the gathering space for the new Costa Rican communities residents. The dome, and its surrounding gardens, is home to many native vegetables and is the focal point of the permaculture focused garden. Design guidance credit to Coconut Gaudet and Stephen Brookes.


Vacation Home - Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

The Vacation Home in Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica is perfect for a family to get away and experience a combination of the natural world with beautiful, comfortable architecture. A nice roof deck overlooks the lap pool in the back. With a open space there is plenty of natural lighting and air flow.


Site Designs


Alegria Village - San Mateo, Costa Rica

Alegria Village is a mixed-use ecological development in San Mateo, Costa Rica. Alegria Village will include between 90-110 residential home sites that follow HOA restriction requirements. There will be an area for farming; an area for education; an area for yoga; and a common building with a pool. Alegria consists of 170 acres of land in total.


Verde - Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

Verde is a property development with big returns. Located in Playa Maderas, made famous for it’s world-class surf, people, and natural beauty. Verde will consist of twelve homes and common areas put back into the real estate market for immediate sale. The current market has a large gap for homes in the $100,000 - $160,000 range, with most 2-3 bedrooms selling at the top of that bracket. All homes will be primarily powered by renewable energy.